/  Paul Edge

Paul Edge

Deputy Headteacher, Ribblesdale High School

Paul has been a member of the Senior Leadership Team at Ribblesdale High School since 2011 and has fulfilled a range of different jobs, whilst continually leading the use of technology across the organisation.

Prior to his work in education, Paul studied Electrical Engineering at Manchester University and started his career as an Engineer and Project Manager with BP in Hull.  He has drawn on his experiences whilst working on the ‘other side’ of the fence to support all aspects of his roles within education.

Paul is a ‘technology pragmatist’, try it, measure the impact, evaluate it, adopt or drop!  He still gets an enormous buzz from witnessing that ‘lightbulb’ moment with young people in his own classroom and across the school.

Paul continues to fulfil the role as leader of Curriculum and Technology at Ribblesdale, which has encompassed the successful rollout of Office 365 and a parental supported Windows 10 one-to-one device scheme, for 800 students across KS3.  He also now fulfils a dual role, working closely with Microsoft to improve tech readiness in a wide range of schools and colleges.  He is a Microsoft Learning Consultant, with a prime focus to support organisations in their use of tech, both within the classroom and beyond.