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Kath Lawson

Kath Lawson, Director of Inclusive Support for YES@ Areté Learning Trust

Kath has 30 years’ experience in education including time spent as a mainstream primary teacher and as a specialist teacher coordinating and delivering inclusive support for North Yorkshire County Council. Kath studied for her MA (SEN) when she was faced with barriers to support and understanding when her own son started school. She works closely with national support groups and professionals spearheading positive change within SEND provision and has been invited to contribute to national inclusion events.

Kath is keen to empower teachers, parents and students through the development of inclusive training, policy and ethos. She believes that true inclusion transforms learning difficulties to a learning difference.

A solution focused thinker who looks for the silver lining in every cloud she aims to use the language of success, hope and possibility to empower all learners to ‘be the best they can be.’

‘Inclusive education is about focusing on student strengths and developing the belief that a learning difference is not necessarily a barrier, rather something that students with the right approach and support can manage themselves. Early intervention is key.’

In 2019 Kath’s work in developing inclusive assistive technology provision for students within the Richmondshire locality was recognised with a national Ed Tech award. Kath champions how effective use of ‘technology for all’ can improve motivation, encourage independence and result in improved skills and progress. Over the past ten years the impact of assistive technology on the lives of students has been immense. As educators we need to promote and support this.”


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