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Emma Tranter

Second in Mathematics, Ribblesdale High School

Emma grew up and was schooled in Blackburn before heading to Newcastle to study Food Marketing. Inspired by her work as a Girl Guider to take up teaching, she travelled a long way whilst staying in one place: teaching first Business and IT, then Business Studies, then Maths, encompassing NVQs, night school classes, and a variety of  pastoral roles before settling in her current position as Second in Maths at Ribblesdale High School in Clitheroe.

Emma is passionate about providing holistic education; growing young adults who are equipped in skills, knowledge, and character to thrive in the outside world is at the core of what she does. A sceptic of innovation for its own sake, she has nevertheless become convinced of the advantages of the newly-released Learning by Questions software, and is an ambassador for its utility in enabling both students to develop their potential and teachers to teach more freely and incisively.

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Revisiting learning lost in lock-down
Wednesday 4 November 10.00am-11.15am