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David Chapman

AUEA Vice-Principal Teacher of Design and Engineering

David is one of many from his family with a military background. His father’s side were all Army and Mothers’ side, Royal Air Force. In 1985, David joined the RAF having spent four years as an ATC cadet at Brierley Hill Squadron. He joined as an Airframe Mechanic and after completing his training at RAF Halton was posted to Aircraft Salvage and Transportation Flight, RAF Abingdon. Whilst there he spent time on Jaguar and Hawk servicing in between moving aircraft by road, setting up careers events and recovering crashed aircraft. Following his time at RAF Abingdon, David was posted to RAF Aldergrove and served on 72 Squadron where after two years he gained his Airframe Technicians course at RAF Halton. Due to his experience on 72 Squadron and Wessex helicopters he was then sent to RAF Benson and Wessex Major Servicing. He then joined 60 Squadron and spent many days/weeks supporting various exercises around the UK and Europe. It was whilst at RAF Benson that David discovered his love of education and studied HND Engineering at Abingdon College.

He then decided to become a teacher and subsequently left the RAF to study a degree in Design and Education at Wolverhampton University gaining a 1st Class Honours. David’s first teaching post was in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, where he spent 10 years having become Head of Department. He then left and gained a more senior position at St Peter’s Collegiate School in Wolverhampton before joining Aston University Engineering Academy as Vice Principal in January 2015.

David’s responsibilities at AUEA include day to day running of the school, Teaching & Learning, CCF, CIEAG, projects and partnerships. His love of design and technology saw David push the boundaries of technology in education from early adoption of industry based CAD/CAM, live streaming key school events and more recently the use of 360° video technology to benefit quality of teaching & learning through OnVu Learning and Dr Sean Warren’s Align Methodology. During lockdown, David was instrumental in the school’s home learning plan which made the best use of the VLE. The school recently moved to full Microsoft Teams integration and will be rolling out a new performance management application.

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Tuesday 3 November 10.00am-11.15am