School Improvement Tracker

School Improvement Tracker is an online platform that supports senior leaders to develop their
school improvement plan. A series of audits ask best practice questions and then helps schools
to prioritise next steps by providing a self-evaluation baseline across key focus areas: Curriculum,
Disadvantaged, Subject Leaders, Teaching Assistant, Literacy, Most Able, Safeguarding, MAT,
Numeracy, SEND, Wellbeing, School Bespoke
The audits are easy to complete, using a RAG rating, with the option to add notes against each
statement and the ability to upload supporting evidence. Authored by leading practitioners in their
field of expertise, the audits include recommendations that support schools to become secure in
their provision.
Detailed reports allow schools to compare audits and support school improvement plan actions. In
addition to dashboards for individual schools, there is an admin dashboard that gives a valuable
insight across all schools in a group.
“School Improvement Tracker is fantastic value for money. It lives up to expectations and ultimately
gives very busy practitioners peace of mind in reviewing, evidencing progress, producing targets
and objects, and preparing for OFSTED.” Wyvern Academy

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