Renaissance Learning

We are a long-standing member of Besa and a leading provider of assessment and practice
solutions for over 30 years globally and 20 years in the UK. At Renaissance, all of our products and
training help support our mission: to accelerate learning for all. Our reading and maths solutions,
including Accelerated Reader, Star Reading and Maths, and myON by Renaissance, are used by
more than 6,000 schools in the UK and 52,500 schools worldwide. We believe everyone can be a
successful learner, and it is our conviction that empowering teachers is integral to school success.
We are a company founded by parents, upheld by educators, and enriched by scientists who all
know that learning is a growth process: a continual journey from year to year and for a lifetime.
Suitable for all ages and abilities, our solutions have been proven by 461 studies, more than 71%
of which were conducted by third-party evaluators such as the National Literacy Trust and the
Education Endowment Foundation.

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John Moore


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