Naace – The Education Technology Association

The National Association for Education Technology (Naace) is a community of teachers, school
leaders, advisors, consultants and commercial partners working across all areas of UK education who
share a vision for the developing role of technology in education. As a professional association, Naace
represents the voice of the UK education technology community in the schooling sector at a national
and international level. We support individuals and groups throughout the education landscape
by providing resources for courses and research, and encouraging reflection and professional
Who is Naace?
Naace members work in both public and private sectors. They represent a range of professions in the
education sphere including teachers, school managers, curriculum leaders, lecturers, local authority
advisors, independent consultants, software developers and designers, sales personnel, technicians,
student teachers, company managers, national partners and colleagues from commerce and
industry. Naace is also supported by sponsoring partners that are aligned with the association’s
philosophies on education and education technology.
Our members and sponsoring partners share a passion for embedding the effective use of
technology into teaching, learning and school management. If you share this passion and are looking
to collaborate with like-minded professionals, join Naace to become a part of our community.