Hodder Education Group

Hodder Education Group supports teaching and learning and puts our customers at the very centre of
everything we do. The partners we choose to work with, the authors we commission and the awarding
organisations, schools and associations we partner with combine to bring you innovation, quality and
resources that you can trust and rely on. Our range of support is unrivalled:
Primary curriculum – Rising Stars has award-winning books, teaching resources, CPD and digital
resources. We have worked with expert authors and advisors to produce resources that support all
areas of the primary curriculum: www.risingstars-uk.com
Assessment – RS Assessment from Hodder Education is used by over 11,000 schools. Bringing together
expertise and resources from Rising Stars (leading provider of assessments for primary schools)
and Hodder Education (provider of rigorous tests to secondary schools for over 40 years) we provide
meaningful and reliable assessment that supports your professional judgement:
Secondary and FE – Hodder Education has been working with schools and colleges, expert authors
and awarding organisations for many years to create quality print and digital resources. We also
provide online, face-to-face and bespoke CPD training and student revision events to help equip
everyone with skills to progress and succeed: www.hoddereducation.co.uk