Claro Software

Our software, ClaroRead, supports people who have reading and writing difficulties such as dyslexia.
It reads text aloud using a range of high-quality voices and highlights words as they are being read.
There are many different voices and languages to choose from and the speed can be changed.
You can effortlessly re-read passages of text and when writing, you can use the dyslexic friendly
spell-checker, identify homophones and use word prediction making you a more independent
learner and more productive. With little effort, you can read more, learn more vocabulary and
gain a better understanding rather than feel that dyslexia prevents you from learning. ClaroRead
works with pictures, on the internet, in PDFs, in fact anywhere where there is text it can read it aloud.
The software comes with mobile apps that can help with reading when you’re on the move. The
additional extra features including ScreenRuler (screen tinting), ClaroIdeas (mind mapping) and
ClaroCapture (study referencing tool) provide even more support. The software can be used in
exams reducing the anxiety and embarrassment caused by having to ask a human reader to read
questions numerous times!
ClaroRead breaks down barriers meaning you can focus on learning content not reading words.

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Andrius Kantakevicius


01772 977 888