Ark Curriculum Plus

Our mission is to empower teachers to give every young person, regardless of their background, the subject knowledge and skills that will allow them to succeed. Built on international evidence and best practice, our programmes Mathematics Mastery and English Mastery provide teachers with high-quality professional development that is tied to our carefully sequenced curriculum programmes and a comprehensive suite of resources. We will shortly be launching programmes for science, history and geography.

Our mastery programmes include:

Subject curriculum – a well-sequenced and interlinked curriculum that ensures students develop the skills they need to succeed

Support and training – a wide range of professional development and training that develops in-house expertise, pedagogical understanding and classroom practice

Planning tools – comprehensive support for delivering each unit including lesson overviews, key learning summaries and video tutorials

Fully adaptable lesson resources – a suite of flexible classroom resources including editable PowerPoint slides, activities and tasks to support learning

Integrated assessment – formative assessment is integrated throughout each programme, enabling teachers to assess depth of understanding and scaffold learning

Intervention resources – intervention tasks provide opportunities to identify misconceptions and gaps in learning. Catch-up activities can then be used to consolidate understanding


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