2Simple have been making powerful and creative educational software and resources since 1999. We are committed to creating engaging, inclusive, and inspiring resources to encourage children to love learning, anywhere, anytime and on a range of devices.

We pride ourselves on creating software that consistently meets the needs of both teachers and learners, adapting our traditional products and developing new ones to ensure that teaching and learning are as effective and efficient as possible.


Today our software is used in over 11,000 schools, in more than 74 countries.


2Simple can support you and your school with a variety of resources and tools:


Purple Mash: A cloud-based, whole curricular resource which makes it easy to deliver exciting lessons both in the classroom and online. Purple Mash includes unlimited free home access for every child, supporting remote education when needed.

Mini Mash: A safe online space for children in the Early Years to learn, create and explore.

Serial Mash: An online library for reading and comprehension.

Evidence Me: An assessment tool which reduces teacher’s workload, allows parent share, has several report types and auto suggests objectives.

Striver: A PE and wellbeing platform which will improve pupils physical and mental wellbeing, whilst encouraging growth mindset.

Dot Com Digital: A safeguarding programme that empowers children, builds their self-worth and offers a safe environment for them to have a voice.

Inspection Coach: A virtual inspection coach that helps schools prepare for inspections in a fraction of the normal time.

Improvement Hub:  An online improvement hub that helps you manage any kind of improvement planning.

Python in Pieces: An interactive coding environment, designed to build student and teacher confidence with the text-based coding language of Python.

For more information about any of our resources, please visit www.2simple.com


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